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Resources for the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) student, with a particular focus on the ars gladiatoris of Paulus Hector Mair.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HEMA Groundfighting: Codex Wallerstein

1. To perform this shoulder lock on a prostrate opponent, "pull his left arm back; put your left foot on his muscle, and put his forearm before your shin bone, as depicted here." Zabinski-Walczak 300. Note that the perspective is unusual in this drawing and the center figure is probably standing. However, a variation of this lock can be performed seated.

2. There are actually two techniques in this image. The center prostrate figure is being held in an unusual double shoulder lock. The other two figures are being held in classic hammerlocks. The hilarious accompanying text reads "[Y]ou can hold three captured men . . . and it is very painful whether one wants to cause pain to someone, as it is depicted here. Such a necessity happens often." Zabinski-Walczak 304.

3. This neck crank from knee mount hypercompresses your prostrate opponent's cervical spine while your knee places tremendous pressure on his lower back. "[K]neel with your right knee on him and grasp his scalp with your right hand and pull him back." Zabinski-Walczak 302. Note that this technique also appears in Mair.

4. Here, the attacker's left arm is presumably pinning the bottom figure's right arm while pulling his left arm behind his head, which simultaneously cranks his neck and left shoulder. Attacker is also driving his right knee into the bottom figure's groin/inner thigh.


Mike Cartier said...

Great stuff Dave

bogoelaceitoso said...

Very intresting, I ponder, are you familiar with modern grappling techniques? if so, could you please try to compare the codex technique with its modern counterpart? just like you did using the term guard.
It would be very useful in my research.
Thank you.
Excelent work.