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Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving Forward

I think I have said all that needed to be said about ARMA (and some things that probably didn't need to be). Reasonable minds can look at the information provided herein and form their own conclusions. That is all.

Moving forward, I am extremely pleased to announce that a new organization is very much in the works!

Several former senior ARMA members, myself included, are working hard to establish an inclusive, highly transparent federation of mostly autonomous smaller groups with a democratically elected, decentralized leadership structure.

The primary goals of the federation are:
  1. Create a common mission statement and training methodology
  2. Certify instructors
  3. Set a rank system that does not confuse technical or research ability with leadership ability
  4. Foster communication and organize events between the groups (as well as with the greater HEMA community)
  5. Pool training materials, member research and other resources in a single place.
The structure and feel of this group will be very different from that of ARMA. Many membership and administrative decisions will be left entirely to local groups leaders.

I will post details on my blog as they become clearer. In the meantime, I would strongly encourage you all to voice your comments and concerns. I will address them to the best of my ability as we flesh this out.

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