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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Re: RMA and Modern Military Combatives

With regard to my video Renaissance Martial Arts and Modern Military Combatives, the learned and articulate YouTube user SamuraiSushi2 wrote:

wow all yall [sic] that comented [sic] are stupid.. bottem [sic] line. and [sic] the person that posted this is a moron. we [sic] had MACP by 2005. [sic] Modern Army Combatives Program, which consisted of Brizilian Ju-jitsu, muy tai, kick boxing, boxing, sambo wrestling, greco wrestling and more. and [sic] btw those moves you showed are outdated and foolish. someone [sic] would get their ass kicked for trying that crap. If you want an updated look on how the Army fights nowadays watch UFC or look up Matt Larson. Not that stupid crap. *Blam*

What SamuraiSushi2 fails to realize is that I am an active Army National Guard officer and a mixed martial artist. In addition to being fluent in BJJ, Muay Thai and wrestling, I have also trained in the Army combatives program. Thus, I have difficulty believing that SamuraiSushi2 ever received Army combatives training. If he had, then he should have recognized that the modern images in my video were taken directly from the MACP manual, Army FM 3-25.150 (which was written by the same Sergeant First Class Matt Larson whom he mentions). It would behoove SamuraiSushi2 to actually read that FM. It would also behoove him to go to SFC Larson's website, Modern Combatives, click on the "History" tab and note that one of the first images on that page is from Hans Talhoffer's manual, which was written c. 1467.

SamuraiSushi2 also seems to be confused as to the point of the video. Nowhere do I argue that Army combatives are based on RMA. Rather, my point is that there are undeniable similarities when you compare the two systems side-by-side (hence the full title "Renaissance Martial Arts and Modern Military Combatives: A Comparative Study"). As SFC Larsen writes, "[g]iven the fact that human physiology has not changed appreciably over the last several thousand years, it is not surprising to find . . . common techniques at different times and places."

Who's the moron now?


Skiritai said...

SamuraiSushi2 sent me a private message today: "i still think ur a dumb ass because thats in noway related to the history of MACP and its not even compairable to the techniques used." There's nothing quite like being called a "dumb ass" (sic) by someone who cannot form a coherent sentence.

EgregiousCharles said...

Interesting video!

Don't let the commenter get under your skin. He's probably 13 years old and trying to do just that. When I read comments left on YouTube it appears to me if they have some kind of filter to allow only subnormal intelligences to comment.

You might like this cartoon about YouTube comments:

Skiritai said...

Awesome comic, thanks!

Annoying as comments like that are, they make convenient frames for my arguments about popular misconceptions. Think of SamuraiSushi2 as training aid.