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Friday, January 18, 2008

Reviews: Polearms of Paulus Hector Mair

A running compilation of independent reviews for Polearms of Paulus Hector Mair:

"The making of multiple transcription (Latin & German) from the various versions of Mair and multiple translation (a "workable" plus a literal) for each play was a smart choice, offering many facets to a given play. The format and layout were simple and well done. The historical context in the Introduction was helpful, it gave me insights to things that I had not considered previously. The reconstruction of plates is one of the first of its kind in modern fight-book modern publication, an excellent idea. I appreciate that you did not try to impose your own interpretations for the plays, although it is obvious that you must have your own martially sound interpretations of all the plays. Aside from the expected and useful bibliogrphy, you even made two glossaries and a register. Bravo!: – Jeffrey Hull, Association of Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA)

"The drawings are very clearly rendered, and you give an excellent description of why and how this was done. The ability to see the three languages together is very valuable, especially for any others who may be interested in taking a crack at the rest of the Mair. I also applaud your decision to include the literal translations in the back of the book, so one can easily check the translation itself. An excellent effort, and very well done!" – Patrick Sean Bailey, Sword Forum International (SFI)

"I just got my copy last night. It is a brilliant book. Thank you for your work." – Cooper Braun, ARMA

"I received this book late last week and finally had a chance to look at it, although not as closely as I'd like. This is a very good book and definitely worth the money. First, I think that [the authors have] done a great job of the English translation of the Latin and German into English. That is, not a half-hearted, hedging bets literal translation, but one that reads as modern English. Second, the plates are very nice and quite clear (I love the facial expressions). Finally, although this might not mean so much to others, I very much like the layout. Rather than distract with "cool" but hard to read fonts, the book is put together for me to read it and use it. I'm a martial artist, not a bibliophile (well I am that, too); I don't want a coffee table volume, I want a usable treatise. The original text is included along with the English translation, and all arranged to minimize page-turning. In all, an excellent job." – Steven Reich (SFI)

"These two truly do represent the best that our tradition of the well educated fighter has to offer, in that Mr. Knight has done all this while working on his law degree and Mr. Hunt has managed to teach himself three languages! Impressive, gentlemen, and well done." – Scott Richardson, ARMA

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