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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Longsword Kimura in Armor

This is one of many halfswording techniques from the anonymous 15th century Gladiatoria MS. It may be described in modern MMA terms as a kimura using a longsword.

Note that the left figure's crossguard controls his opponent's wrist; there is no need to grip it with his hand. As the left figure rotates his sword clockwise, it forces the opponent's arm to straighten and generates considerably greater leverage to dislocate his opponent's shoulder than a regular kimura would.

A dislocated right shoulder on the battlefield was a veritable death sentence; in the 1400s, there were no southpaws and knights didn't just tap out once unable to defend themselves.

Interestingly, this same technique is found in modern law enforcement combatives, only using a police baton with side handles instead of a longsword (the side handles trap the wrist, like a crossguard).

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